FREE PIZZA – Kanes, Papa Johns, Rays – 10 StrikeOuts

When the Rays have 10 or more strikeouts in a home game you can print a coupon, then stop at your local Kanes furniture store to get a FREE coupon for a 10″ Pizza. Click this link to get your coupons

Print a coupon for EACH member of your family, and all of you pile into to car and stop by your local kanes, get your coupons —- when your ready for a FREE Pizza —– Call your local Papa John’s and let then know you have the coupon. They no longer have the “10 inch” pizza, so you get a medium — (I am not sure if this is bigger or smaller).

I have never had a problem redeeming a coupon! Sometimes I am charged for adding Peperoni, other times I am not….. it all depends on the person taking the order. Of course a little social engineering helps!

Now if for any reason your Papa Johns refuses to take the coupon – politely ask for the managers name and the store number. Then goto THIS FORM and explain what happened when you attempted to redeem your coupon. Then let Kanes know how you feel by filling out THIS FORM